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Capture The Flag (CTF) is a national-scale competition organized by Himatif FMIPA Unpad as part of the Informatics Festival (IFest) 2022. Capture The Flag is a competition in the field of network security that requires each participant to think creatively in search of certain strings called flags. This competition is held online and is intended for high school / vocational students or active S1/D4/D3 students as evidenced by a student card. This competition uses the jeopardy concept which will test participants' abilities in the fields of Web Hacking, Binary Exploitation, Reverse Engineering, Digital Forensic, Cryptography, and Misc and will be contested by the entire team consisting of 1-3 people.

Problem Setter

Petir Cyber Security

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+ Rp2.000.000 Dewacloud Credit for each team member

+ Rp3.000.000 Dewacloud Credit for each team member

Rp1.000.000 Dewacloud Credit for each team member

• All participants will get an E-Certificate
• Participants who are in top 5 rankings will get a Free Pass for the 2022 National Seminar


  1. 24 July 2022

    Open Registration

  2. 25 August 2022

    Close Registration (EXTENDED)

  3. 10 September 2022

    Online Competition

  4. 17 September 2022

    Winner Announcement

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What type of ID Card is used for the CTF 2022 registration ?

Identity card in the form of an active student card uploaded by the team leader on the website.

Does each participant have to fill in personal data on the website separately ?

No, filling in and uploading the member data of each team is only done by the team leader.

Is it allowed to have members from other institutions ?

It is allowed as long as it still meets the participant requirements.

Will the participant's write-up be published ?

The committee will not issue a participant's write-up in any form.

Is the use of automated brute force tools allowed ?

Not allowed. If detected, the team will be disqualified.

What categories of CTF questions will be contested ?

The categories that will be contested are Web Hacking, Binary Exploitation, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography, Digital Forensic, and Misc.

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